Project Description
SQL Server Compact & SQLite Toolbox is a Visual Studio add-in and standalone app , for managing all aspects of your SQL Server Compact/SQLite database files

Please download the Visual Studio add-in (for both 3.5, 4.0 and SQLite) from Visual Studio Gallery

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Add-in version 4.0 - September 2014 - Extensive SQLite support SQL Server Compact Toolbox 4.0

Standalone 3.7 - July 2014 - Support for 3.5, LINQ to SQL codegen, Report Viewer and other new features

For similar functionality in SQL Server Management Studio and from a command line, use my SQL Compact Scripting Utility Project on CodePlex.

Please feel free to provide feedback on bugs and feature requests using the Issue Tracker






Standalone edition:

This project is inspired by the excellent SQL Azure Explorer CodePlex project. Thanks for being there.

For more technical information on Visual Studio add-ins, see this blog post.

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